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How a Good Website Design Can Increase your Conversions

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How a Good Website Design Can Increase your Conversions

We love what we do, that’s why we’re in business, right? Wrong!!! We’re in business to make money. We have bills to pay and our business does that. If you have a website that isn’t converting page views into sales, it isn’t doing its job, so fire it and hire a new one. And let Facet Web Tech be your virtual headhunter, finding the best talent on the Internet.

“What Am I Doing Wrong?”

1. Using stock photos — it’s your website, your product, your company, if you’re not presenting your face to the world, well, what are you hiding?

2. Asking too many questions — how many “click here” buttons are on each page? Each button is a “call to action” (or CTA). CTAs draw visitors closer to the sale, so don’t give them an option, push them gently toward the sale. Each page should have a simple message and one CTA. Each page should say “This is your problem, we are the solution, click here and we’ll do it.” (There are exceptions: For example, a lumber store homepage might include only the store’s name, address, logo, a picture, and two buttons — “Contractors, click here” and “Homeowners, click here.”)

3. Too much information (TMI) has been a problem forever. Back when America’s founders debated the Constitution, a single speech might last two days! In the 21st Century, Internet users want it fast, straight and clear. (Notice that all our blog posts run just over 400 words.) Bullet points are great, you can list or rank the answers to the questions that brought visitors to your site without distracting/confusing clutter.

4. Poor organization — again, lead them to the sale. Never assume your visitor knows what they’re doing, do it for them. Lead with a headline (in as few words as possible); add a subhead (one sentence at most); add the copy (TMI-free); excite with an image that stimulates a reaction (like, “Oh, that is cool!” or “Gotta’ have me one!”); finish with a CTA (“Click here to order now.”)

What am I Doing Right?

You’re running your business. That’s where your expertise lies. Creating a web design that turns visitors into customers is our business and, after 30 years (founded 1989, happy anniversary to us!) we’re really good at it. We are the Central Illinois web development experts.

Contact Facet Web Tech — a creative, adaptive and highly professional team of specialists with decades of experience in the industry. We’ll give your website a full examination; we’ll keep the strong points and recreate it with more strong points: Search engine optimization. E-commerce. Lead capture pages. The works!