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Understanding Web Applications and Why Your Company Needs Them

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Understanding Web Applications and Why Your Company Needs Them

A web application (app, for short) is software that runs in multiple locations from a remote server. Unlike installed software, apps need an Internet connection to work. For example, Facebook (social media) and Wikipedia (reference) are apps, but MSWord (word processing) and Chrome (browser) are installed software. Facet Web Tech has been building custom apps for years. If you have the need (and you probably do), we have the solution.

“Do I Have to Have an App?”

No, businesses have been successful for thousands of years without them. Of course, your competitors probably have apps because they are great tools, valuable for many reasons. Apps can:

1. Keep your business open 24/7, allowing customers to order your products/services whenever the need strikes.

2. Increase your market penetration — one recent study said over 5 billion people use apps (that’s 68% of Earth’s population) while only 4 billion (53%) use the Internet.

3. Allow customers to review data about their relationship with your company — tracking orders, viewing their history, comparing products — and, being designed mostly for phones/tablets, they do this on the go, not just in the office or shop.

4. Analyze data collected from locations across the country or world, allowing you to better know your customers’ buying habits.

5. Keep your customers current — because they run from a single location, each time you update your app, every customer is updated.

6. Improve efficiency by allowing multiple employees in a company to access their account with you, so everybody has the same data at the same time.

7. Increase security because data isn’t on the phone or application, it’s on the remote server.

8. Set you apart, let you stand out from the clutter — when your customer has your app on their phone/tablet, they don’t search the web, where they might find a competitor, they go straight to you.

The Downside

Yeah, there’s always a downside: Because web applications work via the Net when the Web slows down or is unavailable, apps don’t work with their usual magic. Of course, the same is true of every other business tool — including your employees, who get sick, take vacations and have family emergencies.

It’s just real life intruding into our dream of a stress-free day.

“How Do I Get Started with a Custom App for My Business?”

So glad you asked! You contact Facet Web Tech, the Central Illinois leader in custom software development. We’ll assess your needs, propose solutions, figure out exactly what you can do within your budget and deliver the best solution for your specific situation.