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Lead Capture Pages Mean New Customers

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Lead Capture Pages Mean New Customers

Brick-n-mortar retailers live or die on getting bodies through the door, and they use every imaginable trick to bring customers in. Ecommerce depends on lead capture pages in the same way — to call visitors to action in an immediate, distraction-free manner.


What is a Lead Capture Page?

Lead capture pages include a form which allows you to collect information from page visitors and funnel them toward a purchase. Successful collecting leads requires balancing your information requests with a legitimate promotion.


Walking the Tightrope

Where landing pages are concerned, your first impression is likely to be your only impression. When you first meet your prospective client, offer them something significant for something simple, an ebook for an email, for example. Keep the page simple, tell them exactly how the ebook will help improve their business then have a "call to action" (CTA) button to submit their info and get the book.

After this "first date", you can get more personal. A different lead capture page may offer and ask for more info. It might include a video, current customer testimonials, social media links, multiple CTA buttons with multiple offer options, and more. This gets you better acquainted with the lead and more clearly defines their interest depending on what CTA offer they accept.


Things to Remember

Lead capture pages are fundamentally different from homepages. They don’t have navigation links because the goal is not to have to potential customer go somewhere else but to stay put. The page exists to encourage visitors to sign up for the service by completing the form.

A good capture page features: An attention-grabbing headline; relevant copy and image(s). (Brief and to the point; a good reason to hire a professional copywriter and photographer.) CTA button with personalized copy. ("Download the Checklist", for example.)

Other valuable elements may contain Customer logos with brief customer testimonials. Trust seals — VeriSign, PayPal, etc. — for e-commerce, these official recognitions assure visitors their payment info will be safeguarded.


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