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Ecommerce, the 4th Dimension of Business

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Ecommerce, the 4th Dimension of Business

Ecommerce accounts for about 10 percent retail sales — over $500,000,000,000 (that’s billion!) per year and growing. Whatever your business model, from an exclusive line of limited products to a wide-ranging supplier with over 10,000 SKUs, Facet Web Tech has the web design tools to help your business build an online storefront with custom-tailored ecommerce website solutions.



Online retailers have four elements to consider: (1) the products/services you sell, (2) cost and payment, (3) customer service and (4) web presence. Each element, like a horse in a team, has to work to support each other or your business will look like the loser in a chariot race.

1) Your products and services solve problems. The more clearly you define the problem and demonstrate your solution, the more clearly your website can be marketed to the right people.

2) Cost and payment means make it easy for the customer to hand over their hard-earned dollars. Will you offer on-line discounts? Do you do loss-leaders? Do you have different prices or extra fees for credit card or other payment types? Are you a big-ticket retailer that deals in bank drafts, wire transfers or electronic transfers?

3) Customer service varies so widely that we can’t make general statements, but we can give a couple of examples:  If you’re an affiliate merchandiser, your customer service is all about a smooth sale, not about products — your affiliates own their products; you control a customer-retailer relationship that happens exclusively online. If, however, you’re an accounting firm selling properly completed tax returns, customer service is all about getting the right client info on the right tax form line, it’s very face-to-face.

4) When you’ve defined each element to match your specific situation, Facet Tech can then design a web presence to reach that goal. Our custom website designs take every detail into consideration — social media, Search engine optimization (SEO), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and other elements.


A Rich User Experience and Seamless Shopping Process

Professional website design templates — supported by reliable web hosting, sales-driven product pages and secure payment processing — allows us to build you a customer-centric and conversion-oriented website. Facet Web Tech isn’t a one-size-fits-all developer, we provide flexible, affordable, broad spectrum packages.

Facet Web Tech proudly serves Peoria and central Illinois with trusted hardware and software solutions for all types of businesses. Our creative, adaptive, highly professional experts have decades of experience in the industry. We are the ecommerce partner you’ve been looking for.