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Top 10 Malware Viruses

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Top 10 Malware Viruses

New threats arise almost daily, as hackers try to break in where they don’t belong. Some do it for profit, some just get their jollies by hurting others. Either way, the damage can be costly, if you fail to have the right website security. Online sources have identified several current threats — some new, some repeats. Here are our top 10:


1. Emotet — an advanced banking Trojan that helps other malware download. It usually arrives through malspam (email spam) like fake PayPal receipts, false shipping notifications or bogus past-due invoices.


2. Dridex — another Trojan, capable of stealing specific information, it usually targets your banking credentials — the identifiers your bank uses to be sure you’re the real account holder — usernames, passwords, smart card numbers and PINS.


3. Gh0st — a remote access tool (RAT), used in conjunction with other malware, it creates a backdoor that allows a hacker into your device so he or she can control it remotely.


4. IcedID — still another banking Trojan, it targets payment card providers and payroll websites, observing online activity, infecting and copying point-of-sale (POS) data and ransomware attacks.


5. Kovter — bad guys used this fileless (meaning it never gets written to the hard drive) software to generate fake click-thru ads. Essentially, they raked in millions by simply making computers talk to each other.


6. Mirai — when several devices are connected via the Internet, they are called an "Internet of Things" (IoT), which (when security is penetrated) allows hackers to launch a DOS or "denial of service" attack, in effect, cutting that IoT off from Internet access.


7. NanoCore — another RAT spread via malspam, it appears as an Excel XLS spreadsheet and can accept commands to download and execute files from outside.


8. Pushdo — a botnet which delivers payloads (of malware) to victims; it opens your computer to malware that can delete files, download and execute files, log keystrokes, modify system settings, run or terminate applications, steal sensitive data and spread to other computers.


9. WannaCry — ransomware that blocks access to your software, or, may threaten to publish your data, unless a ransom is paid.


10. ZeuS, also called Zbot — a Trojan horse package that runs on Windows, stealing your bank information by reading your keystrokes and "grabbing" (copying) forms you fill out online.


Increasing Your Website Security

Increasing your Web security doesn’t require massive amounts of time, effort and money. It just needs to be done right, by people who stay at the forefront of the fight — knowing the enemy and the weapons available to beat them. Contact Facet Web Tech, the malware defense experts of Central Illinois.