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Why Mobile-Friendly Web Design Should Be Your Priority

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Why Mobile-Friendly Web Design Should Be Your Priority

Having a mobile friendly design is one of the most important factors for increasing site traffic. Not having a mobile friendly design is probably hurting your business. 

How to Make Sites Mobile Friendly

Make Your Webpage Fit. — Computer screens are wider, phones are taller.

Make Info Easy to Find. — If they are on mobile, assume they’re in a hurry.

Turn Off Auto correct. — If you’re asking for personal info (like an address) auto correct can change customer input; your customers don’t need that headache.

Make Your Buttons Big Enough. — Compared to a smartphone screen, your fingers are not small; give users the space they need.

Use Larger Fonts. — Users don’t want to break out their reading glasses to view your content; by the way, standard fonts download faster.

Compression. — High-resolution images and other content load slower, so don’t bore your customers by making them wait, they can always go elsewhere.

Test, Revise, Test Again. — You’re the expert, you know your site, but how does the average consumer feel? What makes an effective mobile device? Satisfied customers.


It’s Not the Next Big Thing

It’s the here and the now! Company and industry associations are constantly researching marketing methods so they can spend their marketing dollars more effectively. Smartphone/mobile device marketing has changed, as reported by numerous industry sources. A few highlights include:

Consumers are averaging five-hours-plus per day on their smartphones. About 70 percent of web traffic happened on mobile devices in 2018, up from less than 60 percent one year earlier.

Mobile devices now host about half of all of online transactions. Mobile searches related to "same-day shipping" have more than doubled in just five years. About three-quarters of smartphone users who bought something in a store first got their first introduction to that product on their phone. Nine out of ten smartphone owners bought something or decided to buy something after seeing a "relevant" ad on their mobile.

Among mobile purchasers surveyed, nearly two-thirds say a bad experience will turn them off to that brand in the future. One-third of those who started their purchase with a mobile-device search reported spending more money than they planned to spend — three cheers for impulse buying!

If you don’t have a mobile-friendly site, you are losing traffic. If you don’t know how to make that change, you don’t have a problem. Just contact Facet Web Tech, we’ll make it happen for you.