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Your Website is Not Secure. Our Web Security Experts Can Help.

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Your Website is Not Secure. Our Web Security Experts Can Help.

Don’t feel bad, you haven’t wasted all the money you spent on web security, it will keep you safe from most threats. But, we need to be realistic — hackers are everywhere and some of them are infuriatingly clever.

Some do it for profit, they are trying to steal your money or your data or whatever. Some for fun, they just want to see if they can get in. All of them cost you money and common sense requires that you assume someone, someday, will get in. Facet Web Tech is the full-service cleanup and repair crew that gets you back on the web, fast.


How Bad Can Bad Get?

Malware is software designed to damage or disable computers. Ransomware doesn’t do anything to your system – it locks up your system until you pay for the key. A Trojan masquerades as something harmless (like an email attachment or an online form) then moves against your system in any of several ways. Spyware gathers data about people and organizations without their knowledge. Keylogging records what keys a user strikes – these are legal and valuable software security tools, but can be misused, allowing a hacker to learn your passwords and other private stuff.

Some malware erases or disables your software, making it impossible to use or even access your website. Some can shut down your servers and workstations, effectively shutting down your business operations. Many hacks don’t damage your system, but erasure of data could mean lost business records, including tax info, customer contact info and more, while removal (theft) of data compromises your business integrity and might result in lawsuits or worse or put your trade secrets up for sale on the dark web.


Your Cyber-Fortress

Your business needs your full attention. You do what you do very well because you are focused on delivering quality products or services. We do web, and we do web well, because we are focused on the web. When Central Illinois thinks cybersecurity, they think Facet Web Tech, the hacker’s nightmare. Drop by our Peoria, Illinois, offices, call us (309-353-4727) or email us (web@facettech.com). We’ll thoroughly review your web security needs, design a system that provides the level of security you need (including backing up data) so the bad guys have a minimal chance of winning. We can also keep an eye on your system in real time,so that, if the bad guys win, we’ll make sure the celebration will be short.