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How to Clean Up Your Hacked Website in Record Time

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How to Clean Up Your Hacked Website in Record Time

While choosing a platform to develop and build your website may be an important decision when it comes to its overall look and function, all platforms are (unfortunately) created equal in terms of propensity for hacking.


Dealing with a hacked website on your own can be nearly impossible, which may lead some to abandon their website altogether. However, you may be in a position where you can’t simply walk away. For example, if you run an eCommerce website, which stores dozens of customers (and their bank account/payment information) you may be facing legal trouble should this data fall into the wrong hands. In this case, cleaning up your hacked website quickly is imperative to your website’s reputation.


After all, hacked websites are blacklisted by search engines and web browsers, which makes it impossible for users to visit. This means that the entire length of time your website is hacked is the amount of time you’re losing your search engine ranking and potential money.  


Fortunately, if you partner with a reputable web tech company — such as Facet Web Tech — who offers thorough website clean-up, you can have your site back up and running in record time.

Fast and Secure Hacked Website Cleanup

Regardless of the platform your website is built on or hosted — be it GoDaddy, Wix, WordPress, or Joomla — it is constantly at risk for becoming overrun with malware and other forms of cyber threats.


At Facet Technologies, we understand your site’s information and data are extremely important, which is why we have some of the most skilled technicians on staff to handle website cleanups quickly and efficiently, regardless of the severity of the hack.

Cleaning Hacked Websites Using Professional Techniques

It takes knowledge and expert skill to be able to fully restore a hacked website. Facet’s intuitive techniques have been meticulously implemented to ensure your site functions and looks just as great as it did before it was hacked.

If you’re dealing with a hacked website, contact one of our web technicians today at Facet Technologies. Our company has been serving Peoria, IL and beyond with robust web tech services since 1989.