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Three Things That Make Your Website Look Cheap and How to Avoid Them

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Three Things That Make Your Website Look Cheap and How to Avoid Them

Every business today has a web presence. How well you rank in this category can determine how well you connect with your audience, how you are engaging potential customers and how you can increase traffic.


Understanding the importance of web design is just the beginning. There are three main things to avoid while designing your website. All of these factors can either increase or decrease your profits,. Let’s overhaul your website to create a sleek, modern and inviting site that encourages the flow of customers to it.

Reducing Clutter & Increasing Website Performance

Clutter is the number one thing that can turn a potential client off. Speed is very important. Not only will clutter make your website load slower but this makes it more difficult to be mobile friendly.


Minimalist design is in, this helps your website to be responsive and user friendly. Facet Web Tech can help utilize software solutions to capture your audience and make them want to stick around.

Ensuring Intuitive Navigation

Bad navigation can distract a user. Intuitive navigation is needed and should be stationary on top of every page of your web design. The key to a great website is organization.


Your website should be logical and lead customers to the items they need. No one wants to be scrolling around confused trying to find the home tab. Create a positive user experience by turning your bad navigation around.

Avoiding Stock Photos on Your Website

Stock photos are sometimes necessary but most times not. For your web design you want to showcase your unique business and help customers understand who you are and what you do.

Stock photos can create a negative looking website that makes users think you’re letting in spam ads, which then makes your website look unsafe to use.


Go with professional photos, they may cost a little more; but in the end keeping users engaged is priceless. Update your web design today, if you’re in the Peoria, IL area contact Facet Web Tech.

Our web design professionals can help turn your old outdated website into a showstopper. There’s nothing more important than keeping customers on your site. Help them stay there by using all of these tips and creating a web design that truly speaks for itself.