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Why Cybersecurity Is Becoming the Most Important Part of Your Website

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Why Cybersecurity Is Becoming the Most Important Part of Your Website

More than 3 billion people are now using the internet. That can seem like a overwhelming number if your website isn’t protected with at least some form of cybersecurity. Hackers all over the world are doing everything they can to threaten your websites security.


These cons and schemes can take valuable leads and potential customers away leaving you with viruses and malware; the things you don’t want. Read below to understand how important it is to have some type of cybersecurity. When you are aware of the risks, it may be much easier to protect your website from potential hackers.

Making Cybersecurity a Top Priority

Most technology is vulnerable and can be hacked. A recent report shows that 70% of devices did not encrypt communications and found that loT cybersecurity and privacy are and should be a top concern for people and companies.


There are more forms of hacking than you might think, all with different intentions. Cyber criminals, hacktivists, cyber terrorists and nation states can all target individuals, companies and even governments. No one is safe from a cyber attack.


Cyber criminals attack systems and steal people’s information for profit while hacktivists are politically or socially motivated. Cyber terrorists are not that common but it’s important to make it stay that way. As for nation states, these hackers are launching cyber attacks against other countries, robbing them of billions of dollars in losses every year.

How You Can Protect Your Website From Cyber Attacks

Now that you have a basic understand of why cybersecurity is needed and how vital it is, here are some things you can do to protect yourself from it. Facet Web Tech near the Peoria, IL area offers full-service cleanups and repairs for hacked websites. We are pros at eliminating common malware and other threats regardless of what kind of website you have. Don’t wait for a threat to occur. You can schedule a consultation for website security that tests the strength of your websites safety features.


Facet Web Tech can asses weaknesses and find the best security solutions to fix them, preventing hackers from stealing all of the hard work you’ve put into your website. By using the latest PEN tests to evaluate your security, they can stop attacks before any problems arise. Facet can make you feel safe and secure again.